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Independent family owned business brewing award winning ales in Leicestershire for national distribution
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The UK`s leading brewer of Premium Cask Ale with a complete portfolio of national and local hero ales
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Paper hygiene, janitorial supplies, light equipment, glassware, crockery, disposables and tableware
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Subscription Agreement
These terms & conditions form a Subscription Agreement between you and your barbox primary supplier: In this document we refer to your primary supplier as our, us or we.

We will permit you to access the barbox website on the terms and conditions of this agreement ("Subscription Agreement"). The services to which you are subscribed are shown at your My Account page which can be accessed via www.barbox.com. Where a Subscription fee is required to access certain Services you will be granted access to those Services in consideration of you paying the Subscription fee.  Please also see the Ordering Terms which will govern your purchase of goods and services from us.


The barbox website is provided to you by barbox and you must also comply with the barbox User Agreement. In addition to this agreement with barbox you should treat the barbox User Agreement as incorporated into this Subscription Agreement with "barbox" replaced with the our name throughout and in this Subscription Agreement, unless otherwise specified, references to the Subscription Agreement shall mean the Subscription Agreement with the barbox User Agreement incorporated into it in this way.


You agree to pay us the charges for Services for which you subscribe together with any VAT payable. We are entitled to vary the charges from time to time and will let you know at least 30 days in advance. If you are unhappy with any such variation you may terminate this Agreement by giving us written notice no earlier than the date on which the charges are due to change.


Ending this Agreement
You may terminate this Subscription Agreement in the following circumstances:

i.By giving to us no less than three months advance notice in writing; or
ii.By giving us notice in writing that you are unhappy with changes made to the Services, any charge for the Services, to this Subscription Agreement or to the barbox User Agreement; or
iii.If we are in breach of any of our material obligations under this Subscription Agreement and you have notified us in writing that we are not performing those obligations and 30 days later we have still not remedied this breach, you may give us notice to terminate in writing.


We may terminate this Subscription Agreement by notice in writing to you in the following circumstances:

i.By giving to you no less than one months notice in writing; or
ii.If you fail to make a payment for the Services to which you subscribe or you ask for a direct debit payment to be cancelled; or
iii.If you fail to fulfil or you breach any of your obligations under this Subscription Agreement or under the barbox User Agreement; or
iv. If you use the Service other than for genuine business purposes relating to your business; or
v. If you inform us that you do not accept the barbox User Agreement; or
vi.If you become or we believe that you have become insolvent or bankrupt.


Termination of this Subscription Agreement shall not affect any other rights you or we may have at the date of termination.


Our Liability
We do not limit our liability arising from death or personal injury to the extent that it arises as a result of our negligence or for statements made fraudulently.

We will not be liable to you under this Subscription Agreement for:

i.Failure to provide or procure access to the Services for any reason beyond our reasonable control;
ii.Any losses, damages or costs of any kind, including (without limitation) compensation, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims by third parties which arise in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence), or otherwise out of or in connection with this Subscription Agreement or the Services.


In any event we shall only be liable in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence), or otherwise for a sum equivalent to the total value of your Subscription payments during the 12 month period prior to the date of the event giving rise to a claim or £100, whichever is greater.


We make no representations, warranties, conditions and other terms express or implied by statute, collaterally or otherwise with respect to the Service including, without limitation, terms as to satisfactory quality or fitness for any particular purpose.


The foregoing ‘Our Liability’ section sets out our entire liability in relation to this Subscription Agreement.


Your liability
You agree to keep your Password secret at all times and change it if you believe that someone else knows it.

You agree to notify us immediately upon becoming aware of any accidental or unauthorised access or use of the Service by any third party.


You agree to be liable for and to indemnify barbox against all liabilities, claims and expenses that may arise from any breach of this Agreement by you or through the use of your computer by someone else.


Other Matters
If either of us fails to exercise our rights immediately, we may still exercise those rights in the future. This Subscription Agreement represents the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the Services. If we choose to change the terms of this Subscription Agreement we will give you reasonable notice in writing. If any of the terms of this Subscription Agreement are found to be invalid the remaining terms will be unaffected.


You agree that we may transfer our rights and obligations under this Subscription Agreement to another person. You may not transfer your rights or obligations under this Subscription Agreement to anybody else without first obtaining our written consent.


This Subscription Agreement and the Ordering Terms represent the entire agreement between you and us.  The barbox User Agreement represents the entire agreement between you and barbox.


This Subscription Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Additional barbox Services and Services shall have the same meaning as set out in the barbox User Agreement.


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